I am a self taught entrepeneur living in The Netherlands near Eindhoven.Gaining interest in technology from an early age I finished my University in Information Technology in the 90s at the Technical University in Eindhoven.
I’m passionate about my ideas and working on realising them using Ready Fire AIM
After deciding to do something with my ideas, I reserved 1 day a week for this purpose and took it from there!
My many bookshelves and kindles contain books about :
Software architecture
Embedded systems
Web development : PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript
Software development : C, Java, Python, C++, C#, IOS, Android, Objective C, lua
Open source tooling : Netbeans, Eclipse, Linux, Drupal, OpenCV
Game development : Unity, Construct, Blender, GameMaker, Textadventures.co.uk, Unreal Engine
Version Control Systems : SVN, Git, CVS


Next to my many own projects I am currently working as an Agile Software Manager at the Ideeƫnlab : www.ideeenlab.nl

Also check out ( sorry, dutch only ) these websites where I intend to bring my knowledge gained to a wider audience : www.040-gamelab.nl and www.040-makelab.nl